XLABELS – Our Competence

XLABs are innovation centers with the mission to turning ideas into tangible business results. To achieve this LABeL has developed the highly successful labXchange methodology, a rapid-development approach that emphasizes active client participation to deliver mission-critical solutions using prototypes and iterative development techniques.


Our team start understanding stakeholders needs.

The diagnosis before any intervention
In LABeL we specialize in helping our clients in the analysis, evaluation and management of relationships with people and groups that matter most to business success. Whether it’s customers, employees, distributors or retailers networks, dealers, suppliers, partners or investors – we survey stakeholders to produce better business results.


We'll help you select the best options possible.

Business strategy creation and execution – Long term and short-term strategies to be followed by organisations to achieve specific and measurable goals are formulated and implemented based on proven methodologies and innovative business modeling practices. Drawing on our extensive research base, LABeL provides comprehensive strategic advice to leading corporations. Our aim is to help clients identify, understand, model, prototype, act on, and profit from opportunities that arise from technological change. We focus on Electronics, Financial Services, IT/Professional Services, Wireless technology, though our insights are applicable to dozens of industries.


Hard work until get a polished and perfect product/service/solution.

Digital and Product Design covers the whole gamut of user experience and is based on extensive studies of customer behavioural patterns. This enables us to develop state of the art Italian style designs formulated to brand positioning and to attract and hold customer attention.


Release the prototypes as quick as possible is our expertise.

PrototypeLAB – LABeL provides consulting services for developing specifications and rapid prototypes for consumers, business partners, and corporate intranet portals enabling companies to reduce costs and increase the effectiveness of their Internet, intranet and extranet operations. We work with clients to identify opportunities, derive viable solutions, develop a roadmap of activities, responsibilities and milestones and implement them.


Establish, expand or reinvent a web presence

WebLAB – LABeL helps customers establish, expand or reinvent a web presence with a structured approach based on sound business values. LABeL brings a wealth of design and technology experience to enable companies to extend their success in the conventional market to the online market.


Focusing on the exploration and development of market-defining mobile solutions

MobileLAB – The mobile wireless market is one of the fastest growing areas and LABeL helps companies by identifying the impact this is going to have on the future of productivity, sales, costs, customer reach and ultimately profits. LABeL helps organisations to use this growing technology to focus on customers in the core areas of portals, commerce, workflow and entertainment and evolves business strategies to capitulate on this mobile boom. LABeL was among the first companies in the world to enter the mobile market, and developed some of the earliest commercially avaiLABle WAP applications. LABeL focuses on the exploration and development of market-defining mobile solutions and on demonstrating how next-generation wireless applications can enrich and enhance business and personal life.


Enable business opportunities through new technology.

NTLAB – A systematic and focused approach to introduce and base organisations on a digital platform to enable them to harness the myriad opportunities available through new technology.


A customer driven approach across the whole organization and marketing channels

Customer relationship management through extensive profiling and segmentation allows a unique approach to each customer that delivers to the customer his exact expectations and more. Companies have always been customer centric but a customer driven approach across the whole organization and marketing channels is a new phenomenon.


Helping organizations looking beyond their customers and create wealth and social value for stakeholders

SRMLAB – Stakeholders Relationship Management is essential to ensure the success of a new business focus or a change initiative and can be achieved by proactive and focused relational exchange. Organizations have to look beyond their customers and create wealth and social value for shareholders, suppliers, trade unions, NGOs, governments and even the communities they operate in.


Turning innovative ideas into successful businesses.

StartUpLAB’s mission is to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses. Once an idea is prototyped, StartUpLAB shares with the fledgling business its market-tested knowledge and expertise, supporting its initial growth and development. Today, StartUpLAB is focused on two different markets: creating businesses based on Mobile applications, Web Services, proprietary technologies; and powersport market. Both that enjoy high margins and have significant potential for sustainable, profitable growth.