A customer driven approach across the whole organization and marketing channels.

Customer relationship management through extensive profiling and segmentation allows a unique approach to each customer that delivers to the customer his exact expectations and more. Companies have always been customer centric but a customer driven approach across the whole organization and marketing channels is a new phenomenon.

Client challenges

The idea of customer relationship management (CRM) as an enterprise-wide strategy is a recent company challenge.  It reflects the increasing significance of customer experience as a critical success factor for product and service providers. LABeL’s consulting and systems integration expertise leveraged by our experience-based research capability put us in a unique position to deliver the strategic value created when CRM is deployed across the enterprise.

Solutions we provide

1. LABeL can help your organization set direction and implement solutions that maximize the potential of customer relationships.

2. Organisation-wide CRM initiative and implementation

3. Accelerated CRM value identification

4. LABXchange workshops for rapid and consensual development of initiatives and priorities

5. Brand strategy and experience-based design

6. Customer experience research and analysis

7. Customer profiling, segmentation, and data management

8. Automation of customer service and sales

9. Business process education for high-volume and repeat customers

10. Process design and implementation

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