Focusing on the exploration and development of market-defining mobile solutions.

The mobile wireless market is one of the fastest growing areas and LABeL helps companies by identifying the impact this is going to have on the future of productivity, sales, costs, customer reach and ultimately profits. LABeL helps organisations to use this growing technology to focus on customers in the core areas of portals, commerce, workflow and entertainment and evolves business strategies to capitulate on this mobile boom. LABeL was among the first companies in the world to enter the mobile market, and developed some of the earliest commercially avaiLABle WAP applications. LABeL focuses on the exploration and development of market-defining mobile solutions and on demonstrating how next-generation wireless applications can enrich and enhance business and personal life.

Client challenges

By adapting next-generation mobile technologies, and cultivating the imagination and innovation, LABeL design and develop interactive ready-to-play mobile game, applications and services for all types of mobile devices and technologies.
LABeL’s mobile games for Nokia 7650 and 3650 “DreamChat” and “Bluetooth Morra” have been  sold worldwide in the Nokia Software Market and Handango eCommerce portals.

Solution we provide

LABel helps organisations also to:

1. Develop strategies to have a mobile presence across continents by integrating the different mobile infrastructures and technologies used in different countries.
2. Build mobile enabled portals disseminating information as and when needed and catering to the targeted segment of clients.
3. Envision and implement commerce applications through mobile technology to provide superior options to the customers.
4. Build a strong intranet structure that assimilates mobile technology, thus allowing your employees to be informed and in contact at all times, resulting in streamlined, efficient and fast business processes.
5. Creating instant entertainment through SMS, MMS,  games and third generation multimedia experiences.

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