Establish, expand or reinvent a web presence.

LABeL helps customers establish, expand or reinvent a web presence with a structured approach based on sound business values. LABeL brings a wealth of design and technology experience to enable companies to extend their success in the conventional market to the online market.

A Strategic Approach

Our focused and experienced team represents one of the world’s best resources for innovative and advanced web-based solutions. We have designed hundreds of websites, portals and intranets for organizations of all sizes. As a world-class digital solutions provider, we help clients bring the right combination of strategy, design experience, and technology to every aspect of their web-based projects.

Client challenges

1. Build online brands or extend offline brands into the virtual world
2. Build strong intranet web based applications that enables instant and effective communications, efficient operations and empowered employees.
3. Build successful and viable web based projects by leveraging on our experience, end user based approach to design and information flow and technology oriented architecture.
4. Build solutions for the end user based on geographic, ethnographic and societal segments with an understanding of technology awareness and expectations.
5. System integration. The technology team at LABeL is fully qualified to address the full range of web-related activities, including legacy system, back-end, and middleware integration.

Solution we provide

LABeL specializes in addressing the complete range of strategic and technological issues that affect web initiatives, including:

1.     Online and portal strategy
2.     Brand extension and integration
3.     Content strategy and management
4.     Information architecture
5.     Interface and interaction design based on user experience, user intelligence and usability analysis
6.     Audio design
7.     Corporate identity establishment
8.     Platform integration
9.     System reengineering
10.     Legacy, third-party, and back-end systems integration

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