Crowdsourcing Leader Increases Community Engagement with Marketing Automation From Mautic

uTest is a professional network of more than 250,000 professional software testers, and the brand represents the community side of digital testing leader, Applause. The uTest website gives testers an online home for their professional activities — from peer networking, to taking online courses, to reading and sharing content, to finding opportunities for paid projects that utilize their expertise in software testing.

Over the last eight years, the uTest community has grown by 20X, and the website now attracts more than 2 million page views per month, and all KPIs continue to grow sharply. Alongside the significant community growth, the uTest team has experienced a significant increase in demand for their digital testing services and demand for testers.

This explosive growth, combined with the company’s expanding service offerings, lead uTest to think about how they could take their community communication strategy to the next level. The approach had been sending ad-hoc emails to their community promoting recently published content and to recruit testers for upcoming projects. uTest wanted to improve engagement by creating more personalized, more intelligent communications on an automated, integrated basis. That’s when they looked at Mautic.

Modern design and flexiblity gives uTest the freedom to integrate with a wide range of tools in their stack

A highly intuitive interface and campaign visualization tool helps uTest get campaigns up-and-running quickly

uTest amplifies their messages beyond email like social, web personalization and mobile


“A significant increase in demand for our digital testing services drove our decision to move forward with marketing automation.”

Matt Solar

Sr. Director of Community Management



Several of the marketing team members at uTest have used other well-known marketing automation tools in the past, including well established marketing automation platforms and a home-grown solution. Their first-hand experience with the challenges and limitations that those tools create became important considerations when making the decision on the right solution for them. They needed more including easy user experience, modern features, powerful API, flexible integration, and continual product innovation.

One of the most important factors for uTest was ease-of-use. They wanted to minimize the amount of time it would take the marketing team to set up emails and landing pages; and they wanted an easy way to incorporate more targeted content to specific segments of their audience. Mautic’s highly intuitive interface and campaign visualization feature makes it simple for the uTest team to get their campaigns up-and-running quickly.

Interoperability with other tools in their technology stack is also critical to uTest’s decision; they have several off-the-shelf solutions in areas like site analytics and support desk tools — as well as proprietary solutions like the uTest website and testing platform. Their marketing automation platform needs to be flexible enough to work with this wide range of technologies either out-of-the-box, or via an open API so they could build connections as needed. And subsequently get visibility across the business to measure success of their initiatives.


Matt added,

 “Mautic’s slick, simple UI, overall ease of use, and ability to easily connect with other systems really sold us.”


uTest’s technical requirements were a key factor in their decision, but equally important, they want a business partner that is invested in their success. That includes fair and flexible contract terms, thorough on-boarding training for the team, ongoing training resources as needed, and when issues arise, responsive and helpful support.


Matt noted,

“We were looking for a solution that would help us get further faster. It was important that our team was not inhibited by the tool, but that it is easier to execute and iterate quickly, and that we have access to reliable support services.”



All things considered, uTest selected Mautic for their marketing automation solution because they found it meets all of their needs and more. Not only can they set up and execute email campaigns easily, they can now also amplify their reach with other tactics like communicating through social channels, personalization, and dynamic content.


Matt summed it up by saying, 

“uTest is a high-growth tech company. We’re always looking for ways to accelerate growth. It’s critical that we choose flexible, scalable technology solutions – like Mautic – that will grow and adapt with our business, not confine us to one way of doing things”

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